Chapter 6 - health education before and during pregnancy

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  1. Choose the correct answer.
    Folic acid:
    A. is advised in a dose of 5mg/day for all pregnant women
    B. helps women w diabetes have better glucose control
    C. is advised as soon as pregnancy is diagnosed
    D. is not necessary for women w epilepsy
    E. reduces the incidence of anencephaly in pregnancy
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. Choose the correct answer.
    a. reduces the chance of conception
    b. reduces the chance of miscarriage
    c. reduces the chance of premature birth
    d. increases the growth of the fetus
    e. reduces the risk of SIDS
  3. Choose the correct answer.
    Nuchal translucency US:
    a. is a diagnostic test
    b. is more accurate than amniocentesis
    c. carries a risk of miscarriage
    d. is more accurate if combined w a blood test
    e. detects thalassaemia
    • d - performed w biochemical screening of maternal serum for Down syndrome.
    • Thalassaemia is diagnosed by mean corpuscular haemoglobin C and Hgb electrophoresis. - DNA analysis of fetal cells from 1st tri CVS or 2nd tri amniocentesis
  4. Choose the correct answer.
    Cystic fibrosis:
    a. is more common in ppl of mediterranean descent
    b. is more common in ppl from Nthn Europe
    c. occurs as a result of extra chromosomes
    d. creates neuro abNities
    e. is usually diagnosed in the fetus by a blood test
    • - most common in ppl of (Nthn) European descent
    • - deletion of chromosomes
    • - usually diagnosed in newborn
  5. Choose the correct answer.
    Individuals w thalassaemia minor:
    A. have a chromosomal abN
    B. have more than 50% N adult haemoglobin
    C. are at risk of an affected pregnancy if their partner doesn't carry the gene.
    D. require constant blood trasnfusions through their lives
    E. are at tisk of having a fetus w thaassaemia major
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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