BJUGeometry 2.1-2. 3

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  1. Half Line
    the net of all points on a line on a given side of a given point of the line. (Does NOT include origin)
  2. Line Seperation Postulate
    every point divides a line through that point into 3 disjoint sets: the point and two half-lines.
  3. Ray
    • the union of the half line and its origin. Extends infinatly in one direction
    • (1st letter is origin)
  4. Between
    B is between A and C if BC (ray) n BA (ray)={B}.

    A-B-C are collinear
  5. Opposite Rays
    BA(ray) & BC(ray) are opposite rays if and only if B is between A and C
  6. Segment
    the set of two points A and B and all the points inbetween (ex. AB with line over)
  7. Vector
    a directed line segment (Arrow above letters has only half an arrowhead.)
  8. Half-Plane
    the subset of a plane consiting of all the points on a given side of a line in the plane {if points P and Q are in a 1/2 plane, then si is the segment joining them}
  9. Edge of half-plane
    the line that seperates the plane into two half-planes (not part of either 1/2)
  10. Opposite half-plane
    the two half planes that are seperated by a particular line on the plane (each half is labeled s1 or s2)
  11. Plane seperation postulate
    every line divides any plane containing the line into 3 disjoint sets (the line, and 2 half-planes)
  12. Angle
    the union of two distinct rays with a common end point (vertex)
  13. Interior of an angle
    the intersection of two half planes each determined by a side of the angle and containing the other side (except the vertex)
  14. Exterior of an angle
    the complement of the union of the angle and its interior
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