Emergency Memory Items

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  1. Loss of all AC power
    ADG manual deploy handle..............PULL
  2. Configuration Warning
    Take off Discontinue immediately
  3. Excess Asymmetry or Loss of Braking
    • wheel brakes release momentarily
    • anti-skid off
    • wheel brakes re-apply as required
  4. rejected take-off
    • simultaneously:
    • thrust levers idle
    • wheel brakes maximum until safe stop
    • thrust reversers maximum consistent w/directional ctrl
  5. Double engine failure
    ignition, cont ON
  6. Cabin ALT or EMER descent procedure
    • O2 masks DON, set 100%
    • crew communication establish
  7. L (R) REV deploy
    affected thrust lever confirm & idle
  8. uncommanded acceleration or engine overspeed
    affected thrust lever confirm & Idle
  9. stabilizer trim runaway
    control wheel assume manual ctrl & override runaway

    STAB trim disc select
  10. Stall recovery
    • auto pilot disengage
    • pitch attitude lower nose
    • Thrust levers advance MAX PWR
    • Roll Attitude wings level
    • FLT spoiler retract
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