Spanish 3 Stem-Changing Verbs: o to ue

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  1. acordar(se)
    to agree/ remember
  2. acostar(se)
    to go to bed
  3. almorzar
    to have lunch
  4. colgar
    to hang up
  5. contar
    to count
  6. costar
    to charge
  7. demonstrar
    to demonstrate
  8. encontar
    to find
  9. mostrar
    to display
  10. recordar
    to remind; recall
  11. devolver
    to return
  12. doler
    to hurt/pain/ache
  13. llover
    to rain
  14. poder
    to have power
  15. probar
    to test/ attempt/ try
  16. volver
    to turn/ return
  17. dormir
    to sleep
  18. mover
    to move/ be in motion
  19. morir
    to die
  20. torcer
    to twist/ throw/ sprain
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