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  1. Good Morning!
    Buenas Dias!
  2. Good Afternoon!
    Buenas Tatdes!
  3. Good Evening!
    Beunas Noches!
  4. Thank you!
    Si Yu'us Ma'åse
  5. You're welcome.
    Buen Probecho'.
  6. What is your name?
    Håyi na'ån mu?
  7. Where have you been?
    Ginen manu hao?
  8. Where are you from?
    Taotao månu hao?
  9. What are you doing?
    Håfa bidådå-mu?
  10. May I use the restroom?
    Kao siña bai usa i kemon?
  11. May I drink water?
    Kao siña bai gimen hanom?
  12. May I help you?
    Kao siña bai ayuda hao?
  13. How are you?
    Hafa tatat manu hao?
  14. Where are you going?
    Para månu hao?
  15. I'm not feeling well.
    Båba siniente ku.
  16. Please excuse me. (I'm sorry.)
    Despensa yo' pot fabot.
  17. May I go home?
    Kao siña bai hanao para i gima'?
  18. May I use the telphone?
    Kao siña bai usa i telefon?
  19. May I sharpen my pencil?
    Kao siña bai lasgue' i lapes-hu?
  20. May I please read a book?
    Kao siña bai fanaita lepblo, pot fobat?

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Chamorro Language Saipan Tinian Rota Guam primary common sentences

Chamorro-English translations
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