Word List 40

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  1. redolent
    fragrant; odorous
  2. redoubtable
    formidable; causing fear
  3. redress
    compensation; remedy
  4. refectory
    dining hall
  5. refulgent
    gleaming; shining brightly
  6. regal
  7. regale
    to entertain
  8. regatta
    a boat race
  9. penologist
    a person who studies prison management
  10. regicide
    murder of a king or queen
  11. rehabilitate
    to restore to proper condition
  12. rejoinder
    a reply; comeback; retort
  13. elope
    to run away secretly to be married
  14. relent
    to give in
  15. relic
    surviving remnant; memento
  16. fringe
    periphery; something secondary
  17. relish
    to enjoy
  18. remediable
  19. remiss
  20. remission
    a pardon; cancellation of debt; temporary moderation of disease symptoms
  21. remonstrance
  22. remunerative
    compensating; rewarding
  23. render
    to deliver; provide
  24. rendezvous
    a meeting place
  25. renegate
    deserter; traitor
  26. renege
    to go back on one's word
  27. repartee
    a clever reply
  28. repast
    a meal; feast; banquest
  29. repeal
    to revoke; annul
  30. reverberate
    to reflect or be reflected many times
  31. repertoire
    a list of skills
  32. repine
    to fret; complain
  33. repository
    a storehouse
  34. reprehensible
    deserving blame
  35. reprieve
    respite or temporary relief
  36. reprisal
  37. reprise
    a repetition
  38. reprobation
    severe disapproval
  39. reputable
  40. reputed
  41. repose
    peace, tranquility
  42. requiem
    dirge; hymn
  43. requisite
    necessary requirement
  44. requite
    to repay; revenge
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