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  1. A
    Alanine, nonpolar, has a CH3 attached (top)

  2. C
    Cysteine, polar, has a CH2 and SH attached (top)
  3. D
    Aspartic acid, electrically charged (acid), has Carbon skeleton with CH2 (bottom), O (upper left, negative charge), double bonded O (upper right)
  4. E
    Glutamic acid, electrically charged (acid), similar to aspartic, except extra CH2 below the CH2
  5. F
    Phenylalanine, nonpolar, has a CH2 (above) with a ring structure (above)

  6. G
    Glycine, nonpolar, has a H (above)

  7. H
    Histidine, electrically charged (base), has CH2 (above), then ring structure with two NH, with the top having positive charge
  8. I
    Isoleucine, nonpolar, has a CH (above), with CH2 (above), another CH2 (above), and a H3C on left side of CH

  9. K
    Lysine, electrically charged (base), has 3 CH2 (top) in a row, followed by NH3+
  10. L
    Leucine, nonpolar, has CH2, with CH, then branches into CH3 and another CH3

  11. M
    Methionine, nonpolar, has CH2 followed by CH2, then S, then CH3 at top

  12. N
    Asparagine, polar, has Carbon skeleton with double bonded O (upper right), NH2 (upper left), and CH2 (bottom)
  13. P
    Proline, nonpolar, has CH2 followed by CH2 (upper left), then H3C (bottom left)

  14. Q
    Glutamine, polar, has carbon skeleton with double bond O upper right, NH2 upper left, and two consecutive CH2 bottom
  15. R
    Arginine, electrically charged (base), Carbon skeleton with NH2 (top), double bonded NH2 with positive charge (right), NH (bottom), followed by three CH2 (bottom)
  16. S
    Serine, polar, CH2 with OH (top)
  17. T
    Threonine, polar, CH with CH3 (upper right), OH (upper left)
  18. V
    Valine, nonpolar, CH with two CH3 in upper right and upper left

  19. W
    Tryptophan, nonpolar, CH2 followed by double ring structure with NH in lower one

  20. Y
    Tyrosine, polar, CH2 followed by ring structure, followed by OH

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