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  1. मै ठीक हँू
    "Mein ttiik hoon." I am OK/fine.
  2. मै बीमार हँू
    "Mein bii-marr hoon." I am sick.
  3. मै तैयार हँू
    "Mein tei-yaar hoon." I'm ready.
  4. लडका/ लडकी
    larka/larki- boy/girl
  5. अचछा/ अचछी
    "achcha/ achchii"- good
  6. थका
    - man v. woman
    • "tha-kaa" - tired.
    • -A man would say "मै थका हँू।"
    • -A woman would say "मै थकी हँू।"
  7. लमबा / लंबा
    - man v. woman
    • "lam-baa/ lan-bii"- tall.
    • -A man would say "मै लंबा हँू।"
    • -A woman would say "मै लंबी हँू।"
    • (The word can be written with a half m OR a matra)
  8. है
    - pronunciation
    - man v. woman
    • "hein" (supposed to have a matra).
    • -You are Sandeep. आप सदीप है।
    • -You are Sonia. आप सोिनया है।
  9. आपका नाम (insert name) है
    "aapka naam (insert name) hein "- your name
  10. कया
    - pronunciation
    - statement v. question
    • "kyaa"
    • - आपका नाम कया ह? - What is your name
    • - कया आपका नाम सदीप है? - Is your name Sandeep?
  11. शाकाहारी
    - pronunciation
    - Sentence examples with I and You
    • "shaa-kaa-haa-rii"
    • मै शाकाहारी हँू - "Mein shaakaahaarii hoon."- I am a vegetarian
    • आप शाकाहारी है - "Aap shaakaahaarii hein."- You are a vegetarian.
  12. मासाहारी
    - pronunciation
    - Sentence examples with I and You
    • "maan-saa-haa-rii"
    • -"मै मासाहारी ह"(supposed to have matras)- Mein maansaahaari hoon.
  13. यह
    - pronunciation
    - uses
    • "yah"- he, she, this/that, it when someone is CLOSE to you
    • -कया यह बीमार ह?ै - Is he sick?
  14. वह
    - pronunciation
    - uses
    • "vah"- he, she, this/that, it when someone is farther away from you.
    • -"वह कया है? "- "Vah kyaa hai?"- What is that?
    • -वह मासाहारी है। - He is a meat eater.
  15. कहा
    - Where are you/where am I?
    • "ka-haan"(supposed to have matras over हा)- where
    • -आप कहा है?- Where are you?
    • - मै कहा हँू?- Where am I?
    • - Must come in front of the verb.
  16. से
    - Where are you from?
    -I'm from
    • "se"- from
    • - आप कहा से है? "aap kahi se hai?"- Where are you from?
    • - मै हुसटन से हँू "Mein Houston hain." - I'm from Houston.
    • - notice the difference in word order.
  17. पर
    - pronunciation
    - I am at home
    -You are at home
    - Is he at home?
    • "paar"- at/on
    • - मै घर पर हँू।- "Mein ghaar paar hoon."- I am at home.
    • -आप घर पर हैँ। - "Aap ghaar paar hein."- You are at home.
    • -कया वह घर पर है।- "Kyaa vah ghaar paar hein?"- Is he at home?
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