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  2. es esta su libro?

    este es su libro?
    is this your book?

    this is your book?
  3. adentro


  4. Ella esta' corriendo afuera
    She is running outside
  5. Las ninas se abrazan
    se besan
    The girls are hugging (kissing)
  6. Los ninos quieren a su madre.
    The boys love their Mother
  7. Los ninos estan mirando television
    the boys are watching tv
  8. Los padres estan escuchando
    the parents are listening
  9. pan
  10. La mujer maneja
    The woman drives
  11. Tengo tres tazones
    I have 3 bowls
  12. Quien esta bebiendo?
    Who is drinking?
  13. El hombre lleva abrigo
    A man wears a coat
  14. El hombre compra un abrigo
    The man buys a coat
  15. Ella esta almorzando adentro.
    She is eating lunch inside.
  16. La familia esta desayunando afuera.
    The family is eating breakfast outside.
  17. Esta mujer trabaja afuera.
    Este hombre...........
    Estas mujeres trabajan adentro.
    Estos hombres......
    • This woman works outside
    • This man
    • These women
    • These men.....
  18. La familia esta/ cenando.
    the family is having dinner
  19. Cuando trabaja usted?
    Trabajo por la manana.
    Donde trabaja usted?
    • When do you work?
    • I work in the morning.
    • Where do you work?
  20. La nina tiene an libro pero no lo esta leyendo.
    The girl has a book but is not reading.
  21. El lee antes de dormir.
    He reads before sleep
  22. Ellos beben cafe' despue's de cenar
    They drink coffee after dinner.
  23. Por ejemplo
    for example
  24. When two verbs are used consecutively without changing the subject, the second verb is usually written in the infinitive form.

    Tú necesitas estudiar para la prueba
    You need to study for the exam
  25. Espero terminar pronto

    (two verbs)
    I hope to finish soon
  26. Los niños necesitan descansar esta semana

    (2 verbs)
    The children need to rest this week
  27. To convert a sentence into a negative form in Spanish, all you need to do is add the word “no”immediately before the conjugated verb.

    No vamos a terminar pronto.
    We are not going to finish soon
  28. Yo soy piloto de aviones.
    I am an airplane pilot.
  29. Ella no necesitar estudiar para la prueba.

    (no before conjugated verb)
    She does not need to study for the test.
  30. Es de manana. Los ninos esta'n desayunando.
    It's morning. The children are eating breakfast.
  31. Es mediodia. Los hombres esta'n almorzando.
    It's noon. The men are eating lunch.
  32. Es de noche. La familia esta' cenando.
    It's night time. The family is eating dinner.
  33. Estamos desayunando adentro.
    We are eating breakfast inside.
  34. Estamos cenando afuera.
    We are eating dinner outside.
  35. El tabaja por la manana.
    He works in the morning.
  36. Ella mira television por la noche.
    She watches tv at night.
  37. Ella lee despue's de almorzar.
    She reads after lunch.
  38. E'l bebe cafe' antes de trabajar.
    He drinks coffee before work.
  39. E'l lee antes de dormir.
    He reads before sleeping (going to bed)
  40. Cuando cenas?

    Cenes despues de trabajar.
    When do you eat dinner?

    I eat dinner after work.
  41. Cua'ndo desayunas?

    Desayuno antes de trabajar.
    When do you eat breakfast?

    I eat breakfast before work.
  42. Quince viene despue's de catorce.
    Fifteen comes after fourteen.
  43. Diecinueve viene antes de veinte.
    19 comes before 20.
  44. Que' hace por la tarde?
    What do you do in the afternoon?
  45. Usted cua'ndo escribe?
    When do you write?
  46. Do'nde trabaja usted?

    Cua'ndo trabaja usted?
    Where do you work?

    When do you work?
  47. Usted do'nde escribe?

    Usted Cua'ndo escribe?

    Que' hace por la tarde?
    Where do you write?

    When do you write?

    What do you do in the afternoon?
  48. Juego con mi hija.
    I play with my daughter.
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