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  1. Alpha1 activation: therapeutic application
    • *Vasoconstriction - blood vessels of skin, viscera, & mucous membranes
    • Mydriasis
    • Hemostasis - arrest of bleeding (vasoconstriction)
    • Nasal decongestion - relieve
    • Elevation of BP
  2. Alpha1 activation: Adverse Effects
    • Hypertension
    • Necrosis - IV extravasation
    • Bradycardia - reflex slowing
  3. Alpha2 Activation
    • Inhibits NE release
    • Reduces sympathetic outflow to the heart and blood vessels
    • Relief of severe pain
  4. Beta1 Activation: Therapeutic Application
    • Cardiac arrest - initiate contraction in a heart that has stopped beating
    • Heart failure - positive inotropic effect
    • Shock - profound hypotension and greatly reduced tissue perfusion; goal of treatment = maintain blood flow to vital organs
    • AV Heart Block - enhance impulse conduction through AV node; temporary treatment for AV block
  5. Beta1 Activation: Adverse Effects
    • Altered HR or rhythm - tachycardia, dysrhythmias
    • Angina Pectoris - due to increased oxygen demand
  6. Beta2 Activation: Therapeutic applications
    • Limited to lungs and uterus
    • Drugs used include: ephedrine, epinephrine, isoproteronol, and terbutaline
    • Asthma - promote bronchodilation (terbutaline) - administered via inhalation
    • Delay of preterm labor
  7. Beta2 Activation: Adverse Effects
    • Hyperglycemia - promotes breakdown of glycogen into glucose; caution with patients in diabetes
    • Tremor - most common side effect
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