Spanish Irregular Verbs

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  1. Caer
    to fall
  2. hacer
    to do, make
  3. Poner
    to put, place
  4. Salir
    to leave, go out
  5. Traer
    to bring
  6. Valer
    to be worth
  7. Caber
    to fit
  8. Conducir
    to lead; to drive
  9. Conocer
    to know
  10. Dar
    to give
  11. Saber
    to know
  12. Ver
    to see
  13. Decir
    to say, tell
  14. Estar
    to be
  15. Oír
    to hear
  16. Poder
    to be able to, can
  17. Querer
    to want
  18. Tener
    to have
  19. Venir
    to come
  20. Ir
    to go
  21. Ser
    to be
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