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  1. Bookmaking
    • Bookmaking = Accepts bets on outcome of future events
    • AND Charges a fee for the opportunity to place a bet
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Gross Misdemeanor
    • 9.46.0213
  2. Cheating 1st
    • CHEATS
    • OR KNOWINGLY Aids Another In Cheating
    • AND Holds a Gambling License in WA
    • Criminal Non-Traffic- Class C Felony
    • 9.46.1961
  3. Cheating 2nd
    • Person ENGAGES in Cheating
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Gross Misdemeanor
    • 9.46.1962
  4. Minor Purchases Cigarettes / Tobacco
    • Minor (Under 18 yo) PURCHASES
    • OR ATTEMPTS to Obtain Cigarette
    • Infraction Non-Traffic - $124
    • 70.155.080
  5. Smoking In a Public Place
    • Person may NOT SMOKE in a Public Place
    • OR at Place of Employment
    • Infraction Non-Traffic - $205
    • 70.160.030
  6. Criminal Impersonation 1st
    • AND Does An Act in their Assumed Character WITH Intent To Defraud Another
    • OR Any Other Unlawful Purpose


    • PRETENDS to be a Representative of Some Organization OR a Public Servant AND Does an Act in their PRETEND CAPACITY WITH Intent to Defraud Another
    • OR Any Other Unlawful Purpose
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Class C Felony
    • 9A.60.040
  7. Criminal Impersonation 2nd
    • Person CLAIMS to be LE
    • OR Create the Impression of being LE
    • AND Does an Act WITH Intent to Convey the Impression that Acts in an Official Capacity
    • AND a Reasonable Person would Believe their are LE


    • FALSELY Assumes the Identity of a Veteran OR Active Duty Armed Fores WITH Intent of personal gain OR to Facilitate any Unlawful Activity
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Gross Misdemeanor
    • 9A.60.045
  8. Forced entry on arrest warrants
    • 1st party – with the following 3 listed items
    • 1. Officer reasonably believes suspect is present
    • 2. Knock & announce is employed
    • 3. Seriousness of the crime necessitates entry
    • *A ruse may be employed
  9. Forced entry on arrest warrants
    3rd party NEVER without exigency
  10. Arrest defined
    Taking custody of another, based upon probable cause (PC), for the purpose of holding or detaining the person to answer a criminal charge
  11. Bribe (received)
    • Bribe received by witness for favorable testimony. Offers to provide a benefit to a witness by:
    • Influencing a person’s testimony
    • OR Inducing a person to avoid testifying
    • OR Induce a person to avoid legal summons OR Induce a person to NOT report Info about child abuse
    • Class B Felony
    • 9A.72.100
  12. Bribery
    (bribe offered to officer or public official)
    • To influence a public servant through compensation
    • OR Public servant accepts compensation in return for influence
    • Class B Felony
    • 9A.68.010
  13. Bribery
    (Officer OR Public Official asks for a bribe)
    • Public servant requests compensation for act they are required to do anyway (Requesting Unlawful Compensation)
    • Class C Felony
    • 9A.68.020
  14. Bribery
    (Bribe offered to a witness)
    • Offers to Provide a Benefit to a witness to:
    • Influence testimony
    • OR Induce a person to NOT testify
    • OR Induce a person to Avoid legal summons OR Induce a person to NOT Report Info about Child Abuse
    • Class B Felony
    • 9A.72.090
  15. Civil Verdict
    Requires a Preponderance of the evidence (51%) to win.
  16. Consent: Two people have equal access to house. One person is wanted on a warrant. The other person can give you permission to enter the house.
  17. Consent: Two people have equal access to house. Both people must give permission to enter.
  18. Three prong test to validate a fully informed consent are:
    • Is the consent given:
    • Knowingly
    • Intelligently
    • Voluntary
  19. Criminal Verdict
    Requires Belief beyond a reasonable doubt (90-100%) to win.
  20. Exigent Circumstances (4 basic emergency circumstances)
    • 1. An immediate danger to others (i.e. the officer or public)
    • 2. The immediate danger of escape
    • 3. Hot pursuit
    • 4. The immediate threat of evidence being destroyed
  21. Ferrier Warnings. Three prongs include...
    • (1) Stop search
    • (2) Limit search
    • (3) You don’t have to allow search.
    • I do NOT have to give Ferrier if going into a house for a person. I DO if I go into a house looking for evidence or drugs.
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