BIO 163

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  1. What are groups of skeletal muscle cells called?
    Muscle Fibers
  2. What groups are muscle fibers arranged into?
  3. What are the long cells surrounded by their own plasma membrane called?
  4. 80% of the sarcoplasm (cytoplasm) is filled with small cylindrical organelles called _________
  5. Which filament is composed of the contractile protein myosin?
    Thick filament
  6. which filament is composed of the contractile protien actin?
    Thin filament
  7. What is associated with the regulatory proteins troponin and tropomyosin?
    thick and thin filaments
  8. what causes striations?
    arrangement of fibers
  9. A dark region composed of thick and thin filaments is _________?
    A bands
  10. bisecting the A band is a lighter region called ______
    H zone
  11. the H zone is bisected by the ________
    M line
  12. What light region is composed of thin filament?
    I bands
  13. what bisects the I band?
    Z disc
  14. The space from one Z disc to another Z disc is called ___________?
  15. What contains a full A band and 2 half I bands?
  16. Sarcoplasm is filled with _____, _______ and modified _______________ called sarcoplasmic reticulum
    nuclei, mitochondria (modified) endoplasmic reticulum
  17. what wraps around the myofibrils?
    sarcoplasmic reticulum
  18. The sarcoplasmic reticulum swell at certain points along the myofibril to form a __________
    terminal cisternae
  19. Running down the middle of each terminal cisternae is an inward extension called a _________
  20. A group of 2 terminal cisternae and a T-tubule is called a _____
  21. Fascicles are covered by connective tissue called _________
  22. Bundles are covered by a connective tissue sheath called the ______
  23. each fiber is surrounded by their own extracellular matrix called __________
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