Urinary drugs

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  1. Thiazide diuretic drugs
    chlorothiazide (Diuril)

    hydrochlorothizide (HydroDIURIL) HCTZ
  2. Thiazide Diuretic information?
    • action: works on distal convoluted tubule
    • indications: edema, HTN
    • contraindications: anuria, severe renal failure, pregnancy
    • adverse reactions: hypotension, hypokalemia, hyperglycemia in the diabetic
    • interactions: w/ digoxin=cardiac arythimia, w/ lithium= lithium toxicity
  3. Loop diretics
    • furosemide (lasix)
    • bumetanide (bumex)
  4. Loop diuretic info?
    • action: loop of Henle
    • indications; htn,chf, cirrhosis
    • contraindications; anuria, electrolyte imbalance, infancy and pregnancy
    • adverse reactions; dehydration, postural hypotension, dizziness, hypokalemia
  5. potassium-sparing diuretics?
    • spironolactone (aldactone)
    • triamterene (dyrenium)
  6. Potassium-sparing diuretic info?
    • action; distal tubule and collecting duct
    • indications; chf, htn, hyperaldosteronism
    • contraindications; severe kidney disease, hyperkalemia
    • adverse reactions; hyperkalemia, gynecomastia in males
    • drug interactions; dont use salt substitute, increase hyperkalemia if taken with ace inhibitors or indocin
  7. osmotic diuretic drugs?
    mannitol (osmitrol)
  8. osmotic diuretic info?
    • action; proximal convoluted tubule
    • indication; cerebral edema
    • contraindications; severe chf, intracranial bleeding
    • adverse reactions; tachycardia, blurred vision
  9. carbonic anhydrase inhibitors drugs?
    acetazolamide (diamox)
  10. carbonic anyhdrase inhibitor info?
    • actions; proximal convoluted tubule, decrease production of aqueous humor
    • indication; treats glaucoma
    • contraindications; narrow-angle glaucoma, addisons disease (too much cortisol)
    • adverse reactions; numbness and tingling, photosensitivity
  11. What are diuretic nursing implications?
    • teach to take oral diuretic in the am
    • check bp, I&O, weight, degree of edema
    • report worsening edema
    • enc fluids unless restricted
    • teach to rise slowly due to low bp
    • check bs for thiazide hyperglacemia
    • k+ level (norm 3.5-5.0)
    • check for signs of hypokalemia(muscle weakness, leg cramps, cardiac arrhythmias
    • enc k+ rich foods
  12. sulfonamide drugs?
    trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (bactrim, septra)

    sulfisoxazole (gantrisin)
  13. sulfonamide drug info?
    • action: bacteriostatic
    • indications; treats uti
    • contraindications; strep a
    • adverse reactions: skin rash, photosensitivity, blood disorder
    • interactions; decrease effect of digoxin, oral contraceptives, incerease effect of coumadin, oral hypoglycemics
    • NI; monitor temp, push fluids, avoid direct sunlight, avoid caffeine/ makes uti sx worse
    • entire med unless rash, fallow up c&s
  14. urinary antiseptic drugs
    • methenamine (mandelamine)
    • nitrofurantoin (macrodantin)
    • ciprofloxacin (cipro)
  15. urinary antiseptic info?
    • action: bactericidal, bacteriostatic
    • indications; acute and chronic uti that are resistant to sulfonamides
    • contraindications; anuria, renal failure, pregnancy
    • adverse reactions; n/v, diarrhea, skin rash, ha, crystalluria, macrodantin=brown urine, pulmonary reactions
    • NI; monitor temp, push fluids to prevent crystals, entire med, fallow up c&S
  16. urinary analgesic drugs?
    phenazopyridine (pyridium)
  17. urinary analgesic info?
    • action; topical analgesic effect on urinary tract
    • indications; relieves painful urination
    • contraindications; renal or hepatic disease
    • adverse reactions; bright orange urine
    • NI; take 2-3 days
  18. cholinergic drugs?
    bethanechol (urecholine)
  19. Cholinergic info?
    • indications; urinary retention after surgery, treats neurogenic bladder
    • adverse reactions; hypotension, sweating, increase salivation
    • contraindications; urinary obstruction
    • NI; palpate for distension
    • monitor abilty to void
    • treat overdose with atropine
  20. Urinary antispasmodic drugs?
    • oxybutynin (ditropan)
    • tolterodine tartrate (detrol)
  21. urinary antispasmodic info?
    • action; relaxes bladder smooth muscles
    • indications; bladder spasms,urinary urgency, stress incontinence
    • contraindications; urinary obstruction, glaucoma
    • adverse reactions; dry mouth, constipation, decrease sweating
    • interactions; don't take with anticholinergics or cns depressants
    • NI; palpate for distention, monitor ability to void

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