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  1. Who discovered xray?
    Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
  2. What does PID stand for?
    Position Indicator Device
  3. What is another PID term it is called?
  4. List 6 types of examples of electromagnetic radiation.
    Cosmic, Gamma, Xrays, Ultraviolet, infrared, visible light, Micowaves
  5. How is electromagnetic energy measured?
  6. How long ago was discover the X-ray?
    Over 100 yrs ago.
  7. Wavelengths are measured from _________ to _______,
    Or ________ to __________.
    • Crest to crest
    • Trought to trough
  8. Which wavelenghts are the most penetrating?
    Short wavelengths
  9. Which wavelengths are the least penetrating?
    Long wavelengths
  10. Name the three basic components of an atom.
    1) Protrons 2) Neutrons 3) Electrons
  11. The process whereby radiation changes the atomic structure of a cell is called what?
  12. List the 4 types of radiatiuon.
    I) Primary II) Secondary III) Scatter IV) Leakage
  13. The cells of the body are divided into what two groups?
    Genetic and Somatic
  14. List the 8 body tissues in the order of the most sensitive to the least.
    1)Genetic 2)Blood 3)Skin 4)Connective tissues 5)Bone 6)Nerve-brain 7)Muscles 8)Glands
  15. Xrays should be avoid with pregnant women, especially during what period?
    1st trimester
  16. What are the two types of radiation that people are exposed to daily?
    Natural and artificial
  17. What are the sources of natural radiation?
    Earth (radon), Sun, Atmosphere
  18. Define "Latent period".
    The time between exposure and symptoms
  19. Who is your Best Teacher Ever?
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