Vocab List #5

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  1. Egalitarian
    Adj. Believing in the social equality of people
  2. Egocentric
    Adj. Selfish; Believing that one is the center of everything
  3. Egregious
    Adj. Extremely bad; flagrant
  4. Elicit
    v. To bring out; to call forth
  5. Elliptical
    Adj. Oval; Obscure
  6. Elusive
    adj. Hard to pin down
  7. Facetious
    Adj. Humorous; not serious; clumsily humorous
  8. Facile
    Adj. Fluent, easy
  9. Faction
    N. A part of a group united around some cause
  10. Farcical
    Adj. Absurd; Ludicrous
  11. Fastidious
    Adj. Picky; Demanding
  12. Fatuous
    Adj. Foolish; Silly; idiotic
  13. Fauna
    N. Animals
  14. Fecund
    Adj. Fertile; productive
  15. Gesticulate
    V. To make gestures
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