Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Dave Pt 1.txt

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Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Dave Pt 1.txt
2010-01-03 18:14:33
Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Part 1

Lines for Dave in the scene Seeing the Thing from Almsot, Maine. Part 1.
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  1. RHONDA. Okay. This is it. You're in. You're inside.
    DAVE. This is the porch.
  2. RHONDA. It's winterized. So, Dave: What?! What do you gotta do in here that you couldn't do outside?
    DAVE. Well, I got somethin', here, for ya, here.
  3. RHONDA. What's this?
    • DAVE. It's -- . It's -- . It's -- . Boy, that was fun tonight, Rhonda
    • >RHONDA. Yeah, was!<
    • I mean, twenty miles out there,
    • >Yeah!<
    • beans and franks at the Snowmobile Club,
    • >Yeah!<
    • twenty miles back, coupla beers at The Moose Paddy!
  4. RHONDA. Awesome!
    DAVE. I know, and you whupped my butt!
  5. RHONDA. Yeah! That's what you get for ridin' an Arctic Cat: Ya get yer butt whupped! And I whupped it!
    DAVE. I know!
  6. RHONDA. Whupped your butt!
    DAVE. I know!
  7. RHONDA. Whupped it!
    DAVE. I know!
  8. RHONDA. Whupped your butt, Arctic Cat-Man!!
    DAVE. I know, I know, I'm not sayin' ya didn't!
  9. RHONDA. That was fun.
    DAVE. So, this is, um ... Well, we been ... together now --
  10. RHONDA. Together?
    DAVE. Well --
  11. RHONDA. Together?!? What are you talkin' about, "together"???
    DAVE. Well, we been friends for quite a few year // now, and, well --
  12. RHONDA. You gettin' all girl on me?
    DAVE. -- shh! -- and, and, and -- ... And, here.
  13. RHONDA. What are you doin' here, bud?
    DAVE. Open it.