Transport system in plants

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  1. Why a need for transport system
    • Unicellular organism
    • •No need for transport system because it is exposed to the surroundings directly.
    • •Cell obtains the essential nutrients and gases from its surroundings and remove wastes through simple diffusion.
    • Multicellular organism
    • •Cells are not directly exposed to surroundings.
    • •They are located far away from the source of nutrients.
    • •In order to obtain nutrients and remove waste product effectively, an efficient transport system is needed.
  2. Transport system in living things
    • Plants
    • 2 separate systems
    • Xylem vessels
    • –Transport water and dissolved minerals
    • –Upward movement from roots to leaves
    • Phloem vessels
    • –Transport food made in the leaves
    • –Movement in all directions

    • Humans
    • •Circulatory system – closed system
    • –Heart
    • –Blood vessels
    • –Blood
  3. Transport in plants Image Upload
    • •Arrangement of xylem and phloem
    • –Root
    • –Stem
    • –Leaf

    •Uptake and transport of water and ions(minerals).
  4. Arrangement of xylem and phloem tissues
    Xylem and phloem tissues are grouped together to form the vascular bundles

    • Image Upload
  5. Arrangement of xylem and phloem tissues
    Image UploadImage UploadImage Upload
  6. How does root adapt itself to carry out the function of absorption

    •How is water absorbed by the roots?
    Image Upload
  7. Adaptation for Uptake of water
    Image Upload

    • 1.Has many root hairs to increase the surface area by developing elongated structures so water can be absorbed in a faster rate.
    • How does plant take in water from the soil?
    • 1.The solution inside the cell is more concentrated than in the soil particles
    • •Lower water potential than the soil.
    • •Water can enter by osmosis
  8. How does plant transport water from cell to cell?
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  9. 1. Once inside the root hair cell, the water dilutes the solution in the cytoplasm.
    • 2. The cytoplasm is now less concentrated compared to the root cell next to it.
    • 3. Water moves to the root cell by osmosis.
    • 4. The process continues throughout the root cells until it reaches the xylem vessel.
    • 5. When the water evaporates in leaves, it creates a pulling force that move the water up the stem to the leaves.–transpirational pull
  10. How does plant take up minerals from the soil?
    Image Upload
    • •Soil water contains high concentration of dissolved mineral salts compared to the solution in the root hair cells.
    • •Mineral salts enter root cells by diffusion.
  11. What happens when soil has less mineral salts than the root cells?
    • •Mineral salts will enter the root hair cells by active transport.
    • –Active transport is a process when a substance moves from its region of low concentration to its region of high concentration. Energy is involved.
  12. How is food (glucose) transported through out the plant?
    • • Food made in the leaves is needed by all the cells in the plant.
    • • Phloem tissue transports the food to all parts of the plants upwardly and downwardly
    • • The movement of food from leaf to other parts of the plants is called translocation.
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