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  1. Experiment
    a test or trial that produces evidence you can use to help answer a question.
  2. Measurement
    describes a quantity, such as tie, length, distance, mass, volume, or temperature.
  3. Scientific ideas
    are developed using evidence gathered from scientific observations.
  4. Scientific model
    a simplified version of some part of the natural world that helps explain how it functions.
  5. Theory
    a set of ideas that tie together many observations.
  6. Scientific observations
    involve using your senses to describe the natural world.
  7. Law
    describes how some part of nature acts under certain conditions.
  8. Prediction
    a statement of what you think will happen under certain conditions based on what you know from observations or research.
  9. Hypothesis
    an idea that can be tested by an experiment.
  10. Controls
    factors in an experiment that are kept the same.
  11. Data
    information gathered during an experiment.
  12. Trial
    a set of repeated measurements.
  13. Inference
    an explanation of information that is based on facts.
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