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  1. RHONDA. Yeah.
    DAVE. And you are very good at this...
  2. RHONDA. I thought it'd be hard! And it's not!!! At all ... And i feel like i wanna do it for a long time, but I also feel like I wanna do somethin' else ... next ... But I don't know what that is.
    DAVE. I do. (They strip.) You wanna know what comes next-next?
  3. RHONDA. Yeah.
    DAVE. Why don't we go inside ... and I'll show you ...
  4. RHONDA. Well, how long is it gonna take?
    DAVE. Well ... it could take all night. Mabe longer ...
  5. RHONDA. Well, wait! We're workin' tomorrow, first shift.
    DAVE. Says who?

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Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Dave Pt 6.txt
2010-01-04 03:55:44
Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Part 6

Lines for Dave in the scene Seeing the Thing from Almost, Maine. Part 6
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