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    AH-1W Cobra

    • -One 20mm cannon w/ 750rnds
    • -4 external wing stations (tow/hellfire[anti-armour],side-winder[anti-air],sidearm[anti-radar])
    • -Mission: fire support and security for forward and rear forces
    • -Features: ops in day/night/limited visibility
    • *tandem seat/twin-engine/ land_sea based ops.
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    CH-46E Sea Knight ( Medium lift Assault Support)

    • Crew: 4- pilot,copilot,crew chief, 1st mechanic/aerial gunner
    • Medical: 15 litters/2 attendants, 9-16 passengers/ combat troops
    • Cargo: 1-2 ton lift internal/xternal
    • Mission: all-weather/day/night/NVG assault transport of troops/supplies and equiptment
    • Background: first helo to meet medium lift requirements/600 bought
    • -MV-22 Osprey is replacement for Sea knight

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    CH-53D Sea Stallion

    • Armament: Two XM-218 .50CAL m-guns
    • Crew: 4- pilot,copilot, crew chief, ariel-gunner
    • Mission: transport equipment/supplies/personnel during assault phase of amphibious ops
    • Features: lift 7 tons/ xternal-extension fuel tank/ARC-210 radios/
    • Passengers: 37 standard/55 with centered line seats
    • Background: 1966 introduced to USMC
    • - primarily based in hawaii, being replaced by VM-22 Ospreys
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    CH-53E Super Stallion ( Transport of Heavy Equiptment)

    • Armament: 2 XM-218 .50 Cal M-guns
    • Crew: 4- pilot,co-pilot,crew chief, 1st mechanic/ ariel gunner
    • Features: lift up to 16 tons/M198 Howitzer/ 3rd engine/
    • Background: main workhorse for USMC. Versitle/ Range PLUS.
    • -Jan '90 rescued american and foreign allies from US Embassy.
    • -2 Super Stallions rescued USAF Capt. Scott O'Grady in Bosnia '95.
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    • UH-1N ( Utility Helo)
    • Crew: 2 Officers, 2 Enlisted
    • Armamament: M240 Machine Gun/ GAU-16 .50 Cal M-gun/ GAU-2B/A fixed can be controlled by pilot
    • Mission: command/control/assault/medevac/fire support/security
    • Features: Twin/piloted-engined/ fitted for specialized communication packages (ASC-26), 6 litters 1 medical attendant
    • - testing out 2nd Gen Navigational Thermal Imaging Sys/ Forward Looking Infrared Radar will increase night time mission capabilities
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    MV-22 Osprey
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    -EA-6B Prowler
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    -AV-8b Harrier II
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    -KC 130 F/R/T Hercules
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    -F-18 A/B/C Hornet
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    -F-18D Hornet
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    -T-AH (sea lift)
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    -T-AK (sea Lift)
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