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  1. Gram (+) Anerobes
    Bifidobacterium, Clostridium, Eubacterium, Peptostreptococcus, Propionibacterium
  2. Gram (-) Anaerobes
    Bacteroides, Fusobacterium, Porphryomonas, Prevotella, Veillonella
  3. What do Anaerobic Bacteria cause?
    Dental and ora infections, chronic sinusitis, diabetic foot ulcer, intraabdominal abscesses, femal GU infections, aspiration pneumonia, empyema, osteomyelitis
  4. Anaerobic Characteristics
    • no growth at 10% oxygen, growth at 0.5 & 2-8%
    • Lack cytochromes, NRG by fermentation
    • Lack catalase
    • superoxide dismutase
  5. Clues to anaerobic infections
    Foul-smelling discharge, tissue necrosis, gangrene, gas in tissues/discharges, infection assoc, with malignancy, infection related to use of amino-, septic thrombophlebitis, unique morphology on Gram stain of exudates, no growth on routine culture, polymicrobial
  6. Other clues about anaerobic infections
    Mucosal surfaces, black disoloration, flourescence, brain abscesses, oral and dental infections, human bites, peritonitis, aspiration pneumonia, Vincent's angina
  7. Treatment of Anaerobic Bacteria
    • S - Penicillin, Carbenams
    • I - Cepha, macrolides, Tetra
    • R - Aminoglycosides
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