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    Purse Cover from East Anglia, England. c. 630 (Migratory Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    Bronze Doors of Bishop Bernward for St. Michael's. 1015 AD. (Ottonian Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    Charlemagne's Palace Chapel at Aachen by Odo of Metz. 792 - 805 AD. (Carolingian Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    Crucifix of Archbishop Gero. 970 AD. (Ottonian Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    St. Matthew from Coronation Gospels. 800 AD (Carolingian Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    St. Michael's at Hildesheim (Exterior). 1000 - 1031 AD. (Ottonian Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    Chi-Rho-Iota Page : Book of Kells. Late 8th cent. (Hiberno-Saxon Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    Cross Page from Book of Lindisfarne. 700 AD (Hiberno-Saxon Art; Medieval Art)
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    Book of Durrow: Man. Symbol of Matthew. 660 - 680 AD. (Hiberno-Saxon Art; Medieval Art)
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    St. Matthew from Book of Lindisfarne. c. 700 AD. (Hiberno-Saxon Art; Medieval Art)
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    Otto III Enthroned: Gospel Book of Otto III. 997 - 1000 AD. (Ottonian Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    Utrecht Psalter (Illustrated book of psalms). 830 AD. (Carolingian Art; Early Medieval Art)
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    St. Matthew from Ebbo Gospels. 815 - 835 AD. (Carolingian Art; Medieval Art)
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