Drugs Chapter 5

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  1. a. Actylcholine (ACH)
    b. Monoamines (biogenic amines)
    c. amino acids
    d. peptides (e.g Leu-Enkephalin)
    types of neurotransmitters
  2. 1. Catecholamines
    a. dopamine (DA)
    b. Norepinephrine (NE)
    c. Epinephrine (E)

    2. Indole amine
    a. serotonin = 5 hydroxytryptamine ( 5 HT)
    2 types of monoamines
  3. 1. Gamma aminobutyric acid -inhibitory
    2. Glutamate-excitatory
    3. Aspartate - predominantly excitatory
    4. Glycine mostly inhibitory
    examples of amino acids
  4. Acetylcholine
  5. dopamine
  6. norepinephrine
  7. epinephrine
  8. serotonergic
  9. GABA(in)ergic
  10. GABA
    is a universal inhibitory neurotransmitter in all parts of the brain
  11. Peptides
    are long chains of amino acids molecules attacked in a specific order
  12. Beta-lipotropin
    peptide who is secreted by the pituitary gland. It is 91 amino acids long
  13. endorphins
    beta-lipotropin 16 to 30 amino acids long
  14. enkephalins
    beta-lipotropin 5 amino acids
  15. Dynorphin A
    consits of 17 amino acids
  16. neuromodulator
    • a substance that works at the synapse and influences the normal effect of the neurotransmitter at the synapse.
    • it may increase or decrease the action of the neurotransmitter or it may shorten or prolong its activity
  17. nucleus
    a collection of nerve cell bodies located inside the CNS
  18. Ganglion
    a collection of nerve cell bodies located outside if the CNS
  19. Tract
    a bundle of neurons located inside of the CNS
  20. nerve
    a bundle of neurons located outside of the CNS
  21. Cranial = sensory input to and motor
    Spinal = output from the CNS
    Somatic nervous system
  22. 1. sensory component 2. motor component= autonomic nervous system
    visceral nervous system

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