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  1. Adjunct
    Added to something else to help, but not essential
  2. Bellwether
    Leader (leads flock to slaughterhouse)
  3. Caterwaul
    Quarrel, harsh or noisy cry
  4. Chimerical
    Absurd, impossible
  5. Effete
    Lacking in energy, unable to produce
  6. Fait accompli
    An accomlished and presumably irreversible deed, fact, or action
  7. Hidebound
    Narrow-minded, conservative
  8. Hierarchy
    System of things graded in order of rank
  9. Liturgy
    Religious services
  10. Mirage
    Without substance, illusion
  11. Morass
    • Patch of low, soft, wet ground
    • Confusing situation where one is entrapped
  12. Noisome
    Offensive, foul-smelling, harmful
  13. Oblivious
    Forgetful, unaware
  14. Poltroon
  15. Proselyte
    Convert, disciple
  16. Quasi
    Resembling, but actually being
  17. Raillery
  18. Ribald
    Mocking, vulgar
  19. Supine
    Lying flat on one's back, lethargic, passive
  20. Vignette
    Short description or sketch, decorative design beginning a book or chapter
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