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    Dense elastic CT
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    Elastic Cartilage
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    Dense Regular Connective Tissue
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    Loose Aereolar Connective Tissue
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    Loose Reticular Connective Tissue
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    Loose Adipose Connective Tissue
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    Embryonic Connective Tissue
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    Transitional Epithelium
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    Straified columnar Epithelium
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    Stratified Cuboidal Epithelium
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    Stratified Squamous epithelium
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    Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium
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    Simple Columnar Epithelium
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    Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
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    Simple Squamous Epithelium
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    Dense Irregular Connective Tissue
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    Hyaline Cartilage
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    Elastic Cartilage
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    Bone Tissue
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    Compact Bone
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    Spongy Bone
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    Nervous tissue
  24. Function of loose adipose CT
    • -subcutaneous layer around organs
    • white adipose tissue:insulates, stores energy, reserves, support & protect various organs

    brown adipose tissue: generate heat in newborn
  25. Embryonic CT
    • Messenchyme: give rise to all CT
    • Mucous CT: found in umbilical cord of fetus
  26. Function of loose reticular CT
    • contain reticular fiber & reticular cells
    • -bind together cells of smooth muscle tissue
    • -form framework of organs
  27. Function of Lose aereolar CT
    • -several types of cells
    • -3 types of fibers( collagen, elastic , reticular)
    • -subcutaneous layer of skin, blood vessels

  28. Function of dense regular CT
    • -forms tendons and ligaments
    • -strong atachment b/w various structures
    • -rows of fibroblasts b/w bundles of collagen fibers
  29. Function of Dense elastic CT
    • -fibroblast among elastic fibers
    • -located in elastic arteries, lung tissue & some ligaments
    • -provide elasticity & strength
  30. Function of dense irregular CT
    • -fibroblast scattered among reandomly orientated collagen fibers
    • -provides strength
    • -contain chondrocytes that are in lacunae
    • -avascular
    • -lack nerves
    • -usually covered by perichondria
  32. Hyaline Cartilage
    • -fine collagen fibers
    • -most seen type of cartilage but weakest
    • -flexibilty and support
    • -Located on; end of long bones, nose and trachea
  33. Fibrocartilage
    • -visible bundle collagen fibers
    • -strongest
    • -Located: intervetebral disks, knee menisci, tendons that insert to cartilage, pubic symphysis
    • -provide strength & rigidity & flexibilty and support
  34. Elastic Cartilage
    • -elastic fibers
    • -Located:epiglottis, external ear
    • -provide strangth & elasticity
  35. Bone Tissue
    • -support, protects, helps generate movement, stores minerals, contain red and yellow marrow
    • Compact (dense)-osteons
    • Spongy( cancellous)- trabeculae
  36. Compact Bone
    • -composed of osteons
    • -concentric rings of matrix called lamellae
    • -each osteon contains central canal for vessels
  37. Spongy Bone
    • -trabeculae
    • spaces b/w trabeculae containd red marrow
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