Korean phrases

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  1. 그렇습니다
    yes, that's right
  2. 그것을 한국말로 뭐라고 합니까?
    What do you call that in Korean?
  3. ________를 한국말로 뭐라고 합니까?
    How do you say ______ in Korean?
  4. 부탁이 있는데요.
    I have a favor to ask of you.
  5. 부탁 좀 들어 주세요.
    Please let me ask something of you.
  6. 전화 좀 받아 주세요.
    Please take that phone call.
  7. 그럴게요.
    Of course. I will.
  8. 알겠어요.
    OK, All right.
  9. 도와줄세요.
    Let me help you.
  10. 지금은 안 되는데요.
    I can't right now.
  11. 오늘은 어려워요.
    I can't make it today.
  12. 저도 바쁜데요.
    I'm busy, too.
  13. 글쎄요.
  14. 도와주셔서 고마워요.
    Thank you for your help.
  15. 부탁을 들어줘서 고마워요.
    Thank you for accepting my request.
  16. 나중에 저녁을 살게요.
    Let me buy you dinner sometime later.
  17. 내가 한턱 낼게요.
    I'll treat you (to dinner, drinks.)
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