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  1. Intent to Commit Arson
    • Any Person Who Tampers [in any way] with any Fire Alarm Apparatus
    • OR Emergency Phone
    • OR Radio
    • OR Wire or Signal
    • OR Firefighting Equipment
    • Class B Felony
    • 9.40.105
  2. Arson 1st
    • Person Maliciously Causes a Fire OR Explosion that:
    • Endangers Human Life
    • OR Damages a Residence OR Building
    • OR Damages Property valued at $10,000 or more with intent to Collect on the Insurance
    • Class A Felony
    • 9A.48.020
  3. Arson 2nd
    • Person Maliciously Causes a Fire OR Explosion that:
    • Damages Anything (building, dock, machine, engine, automobile, motor vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, bridge, crops, timber, fence, etc).
    • Class B Felony
    • 9A.48.030
  4. Burning without Permit
    • Person Without a Permit Shall NOT
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Misdemeanor
    • 52.12.101
  5. Fire – False reporting
    • Falsely Reports Fire
    • OR Emergency
    • OR Crime
    • OR Catastrophic Event
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Gross Misdemeanor
    • 9A.84.040
  6. Reckless Burning 1st
    • Recklessly Causes Fire OR Explosion that Damages Something
    • Class C Felony
    • 9A.48.040
  7. Reckless Burning 2nd
    • Causes a Fire OR Explosion that places Property of another in Danger
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Gross Misdemeanor
    • 9A.48.050

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Arson Fire

WA Criminal Law
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