People In The USMC

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    • -"Grand Old Man"
    • - Brigadier General
    • - commandant in 1820 held command 39 years
    • -Introd higher standards of personal appereance/training/discipline/professional military force
    • -Sergeant Major John Quick
    • -Cuzco Well, where he participated to seize advanced base for ATL Flt Btl for Marines
    • -Medal of honor recipient for semaphoring for emergency lift of naval bombardment under spanish and merican shellfire
    • -
    • -Sergeant Major Dan Daly
    • -2 MOH's
    • -Chinese Boxer Rebellion
    • -1st Caco war in Haiti
    • - "come on you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?"
    • -Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller
    • -LtGen
    • -Nicaragua/Honduran boarder, puller and 32 marines became famous for their ability to engage rebels grps and secure wide area.
    • -Tiger of the mountain (1930)
    • -"CHESTY"
    • -MAJ. Gregory R "Pappy" Boyington
    • - Great aerial DogFighter ACE
    • -VMH-214 "black Sheep" in WWII
    • -28 Victories
    • -CPL. Ira H Hayes
    • -Pima Indian
    • -2nd Flag Raising on Mt. Suribachi after stronghold taken in 23Feb1945
    • -Pvt. Opha Mae Johnson
    • - First enlisted woman in USMC on 13Aug1918
    • - Skirt marines/ Marinettes
    • -B. General Margaret A. Brewer
    • -Director of Women Marines 1973-1977
    • -7th and last director only post-WW woman to hold that title
    • - 1st woman General Officer 11 May 1978

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People In The USMC
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