GRE 14

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  1. alacrity
    n. cheerful promptness' eagerness
  2. animus
    n. hostile feeling or intent
  3. arduous
    adj. hard; strenuous
  4. catcall
    n. shout of disapproval; boo
  5. circumspect
    adj. prudent; cautious
  6. contentious
    adj. quarrelsome
  7. cumbersome
    adj. heavy; hard to manage
  8. deliberate
    v. consider; ponder
  9. dictum
    n. authoritative and weighty statement; saying; maxim
  10. egress
    n. exit
  11. environ
    v. enclose; surround
  12. exiguous
    adj. small; minute
  13. fester
    v. rankle; produce irritation or resentment
  14. gentility
    n. those of gentle birth; refinement
  15. guileless
    adj. without deceit
  16. impious
    adj. irreverent
  17. indemnify
    v. make secure against loss; compensate for loss; 보상하다
  18. insubordination
    n. disobedience; rebelliousness
  19. levitate
    v. float in the air (especially by magical means)
  20. malady
    n. illness
  21. morose
    adj. ill-humored; sullen; melancholy
  22. perjury
    n. false testimony while under oath
  23. plait
    v. braid; intertwine
  24. presumptuous
    adj. arrogant; taking liberties
  25. psyche
    n. soul; mind
  26. remonstrance
    n. protest; objection
  27. reverberate
    v. echo; resound
  28. squander
    v. waste
  29. superimpose
    v. place over something else
  30. tesselated
    adj. inlaid; mosaic
  31. verve
    n. enthusiasm; liveliness
  32. wheedle
    v. cajole; coax; deceive by flattery
  33. foray
    n. raid; a quick sudden attack
  34. gavel
    n. hammerlike tool; mallet
  35. grotto
    n. small cavern
  36. hortatory
    adj. encouraging; exhorting
  37. imperceptible
    adj. unnoticeable; undetectable
  38. insensate
    adj. without feelings
  39. irrevocable
    adj. unalterable; irreversible
  40. lectern
    n. reading desk
  41. machination
    n. evil schemes or plots
  42. mendacious
    adj. lying habitually; dishones
  43. monochromatic
    adj. having only one color
  44. aureole
    n. sun's corona; halo

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