2.11 Anatomy Chapter 11 Pt2

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    Biceps brachii

    • Primary action: flex elbow
    • Main Origin: short: coracoid; long: intertubercular sulcus humerus
    • Main Insertion: radial tuberosity
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    Brachialis (right underneath the biceps brachii)

    Primary action: flex elbow
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    Primary action: flex elbow
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    Triceps brachii (80)

    • Primary action: extend elbow
    • Main Origin: infraglenoid tubericle; posterior shaft humerus
    • Main Insertion: olecranon process of ulna
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    Pronator teres

    Primary action: pronate forearm
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    Flexor carpi radialis

    Primary action: flex wrist; abduct hand
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    Palmaris longus

    Primary action: tense skin of palm
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    Flexor carpi ulnaris

    Primary action: flex wrist; adduct hand
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    Extensor carpi radialis longus

    • Primary action: extend wrist; abduct hand
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    Extensor carpi radialis brevis

    Primary action: extend wrist; abduct hand
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    Extensor digitorum

    • Primary action: extend fingers
    • Main Origin: lateral epicondyle of humerus
    • Main Insertion: distal phalanges of fingers 2-5
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    Extensor digiti minimi

    Primary action: extend finger five (pinky)
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    Extensor carpi ulnaris

    Primary action: extend wrist; adduct hand
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