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  1. 3 species
    schistisoma mansoni, haematobium, japonicum
  2. differences from trematodes
    dioecious, live in blood, nonoperculated eggs, no redia, no metacercaria, not food-borne
  3. species w terminal spine
  4. species with lateral spine
  5. species with knob
  6. h2o stimulates cilia, miracidium spins and pushes on suture
  7. parasitic castration via schistosomin causes snail to overproduce
    daughter sporocyst
  8. morphology of cercaria
    mouth, gi tract, glands, tail
  9. produce attachment mucus
    post-acetabular glands
  10. enzymes for entrance into host
    pre-acetabular glands
  11. schistosomes live in
    venules of mesentery
  12. adult morphology
    • oral sucker
    • ventral sucker
    • cecum
    • gynecophoral canal
  13. Male tegument of japonicum
  14. tegument of mansoni and haematobium
    contains tubercles
  15. produces 30 eggs/day
  16. produces 200-300 eggs/day
  17. produces 3500 eggs/day
  18. How adults avoid immune attack
    molecular mimicry
  19. How do eggs leave DH
    releases eggs in smaller veins ->enter gut/bladder lumen -> endothelial cells wall off egg -> miracidium releases egg antigen -> GRANULOSA forms
  20. cercaria penetrate skin and form allergic rxn
    cercarial dermatitis
  21. heavy infection at onset of egg production
    Katayama fever
  22. effect of schistosomiasis on liver
    fibrous tissue forms, hepatomegaly, circulation impeded
  23. effect of schistosomiasis on bladder
    fibrosis of bladder and ureters, back up to kidneys, damage
  24. how to diagnose infection with SH
    eggs in URINE and feces, blood in urine (hematuria)
  25. how to diagnose infection with SJ or SM
    eggs in feces
  26. Treatment of S infection
    • praziquantel- effects tegument
    • artemether- damage teg and cecum
    • vaccine development
  27. control mechanisms
    • kill adults
    • human waste disposal
    • snail control
    • boots/gloves
    • education
  28. Schistosomiasis control initiative
    • Bill & melinda gates foundation
    • praz to sub-saharah africa
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