Global Business issues

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  1. Theocratic totalitarianism
    A political system in which political power is monopolized by a party, group, or individual that governs according to religious principles
  2. Totalitarianism
    A political system in which one person or political party exercises absolute control over all spheres of human life and prohibits opposing political parties
  3. Communist totalitarianism
    A version of collectivism advocating that socialism can only be achieved through a totalitarian dictatorship
  4. Socialism
    The political system that believes in state ownership of a country’s means of production, distribution, and exchange so that all can benefit
  5. Right-wing totalitarianism
    A political system in which political power is monopolized by a party, group, or individual that generally permits individual economic freedom but restricts individual political freedom, including free speech, often on the grounds that it would lead to the rise of communism
  6. Culture
    A system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people and that when taken together constitute a design for living
  7. Mores
    Norms that are seen as central to the functioning of a society and to its social life
  8. Social strata
    The hierarchical categories within a society, defined on the basis of such elements as family background, income, and occupation
  9. Caste system
    A closed system of stratification in which social position is determined by the family into which a person is born, and change out of that strata is usually not possible during a person’s lifetime
  10. Class system
    A less rigid social stratification system, in which mobility is possible depending on a person’s achievements or even just luck
  11. Class consciousness
    A condition where people tend to perceive themselves in terms of their class background, shaping how they relate with members of other classes
  12. Masculinity versus femininity
    Extent to which a society differentiates and emphasizes traditional gender and work roles; a masculine characterization means there is more differentiation, whereas a feminine level means there is less
  13. Individualism versus collectivism
    Extent to which a society teaches individuals either to prize personal achievement or to conversely look after the interests of their collective first and foremost
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