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  1. AML M0
    • Blasts have no differentiating features morph, no visible granules in blast cytoplasm
    • PDX & SBB: negative
    • CD13+, CD33+, CD34+,CD117+
  2. AML M1
    • No maturation beyond blasts, >90% blast in marrow space, pro,myelo, n auer mayb present
    • Myeloperoxidase & SBB: positive
    • CD13+, CD33+, CD34+, CD117+
    • Usually adults and <1 yrs old
  3. AML M2
    • >20% Myeloblasts of nonerythroid cell in marrow, large blast mayb w/ azurophilic granules
    • See maturation to promyelo and beyond
    • Auer rods mayb seen, mayb Phi bodies
    • Adults are common
  4. APL M3
    • Promyelocyte are dominant
    • Intense azurophilic granulation
    • May see Auer rods
    • Myeloperoxidase & SBB: intensely positive
    • t(15;17) affects retinoicacid receptor: Retinoic acid therapy (ATRA)may induce maturation ofcells
    • DIC possible: by granular procoagulants
    • Young adults, elderly (women more)
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