Airport Signs & Lights

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    • Closed Runway & Taxiway Marker.
    • Located at both ends of permanently closed runways and at 1000' intervals. Also placed at taxiway entrances are closed.
    • Destination and Location Sign.
    • This sign indicates current position and direction to other taxiways. In this example you are on taxiway Alpha. Taxiway Charlie passes from right to left and Alpha continues ahead to the right.
    • Direction Sign for Runway Exit.
    • While on the runway, this sign will indicate the approaching taxiway. In this example, taxiway Bravo is approaching to the left.
    • Holding Position and Location Signs.
    • In this example you are on taxiway Alpha; runway 5-23 passes perpendicular to your position, runway 9-27 passes at an angle starting ahead and to the left of your position to behind and right of your position.
    • ILS Critical Area Boundry Sign
    • This sign indicates when you are safely clear of the ILS area. It is located directly beside the ILS holding position markings. While the ILS approaches are in use, taxi past the sign before stopping on the taxiway.
    • ILS Critical Area Holding Position Sign
    • When the ILS is in use Air Traffic Control may hold you short of this sign so your aircraft does not interfere with the ILS signal.
    • Inbound Destination Sign
    • This sign directs pilots to destinations on the airport. The example indicates that the military installation is to the right.
    • Outbound Destination Sign
    • This sign indicates directions to common taxi routes. In this example, runway 27 and runway 33 are to the right. The dot in the middle separates destinations identified on the sign
    • Runway Approach Holding Area Position Sign
    • You must hold at this sign until cleared to cross the runway, to avoid interference with runway operations.
    • Runway Boundry Sign
    • This sign faces the runway and is visible to pilots exiting the runway. Taxi past this sign to be sure you are clear of the runway
    • Runway Holding Position Sign
    • Until cleared onto the runway, you must hold at this sign. In this example, the runway 14 threshold is to the left, and the runway 32 threshold is to the right.
    • Runway Location Sign
    • This sign identifies the runway on which your aircraft is located.
    • Taxiway Ending Marker
    • This sign indicates the termination of the taxiway. It is located at the far end of the intersection
    • Taxiway Location Sign
    • This sign indicates which taxiway you're on. It may be posted next to direction or holding position signs.
    • Runway Markings
    • 1. Runway Threshold
    • 2. Touchdown zone
    • 3. Fixed distance markers
    • 4. 1500' and 2000' from end of runway
    • VASI - Visual Approach Slope Indicator
    • 1. W/W to high
    • 2. R/W just right
    • 3. R/R your dead (too low)
    • PAPI - Precision Approach Indicator
    • 1. 4 W - too high
    • 2. 3 W - a little high
    • 3. 2 W - On slope
    • 4. 1 W - a little low
    • 5. 4 R - too low

  2. Shown to aircraft on Ground or in air.
    • On Ground: Cleared for Takeoff
    • In Flight: Cleared for landing

  3. Flashing Green shown to aircraft on ground or in air.
    • On Ground: Cleared to Taxi
    • In Air: Return to airport for landing. (Will receive solid green to land.)

  4. Red light shown to aircraft on ground or in air.
    • On Ground: Stop immediately!
    • In Air: Give way to other aircraft, continue circling.

  5. Flashing Red light on ground or in air.
    • On Ground: Taxi clear of runway in use.
    • In Air: Airport closed.

  6. Flashing white light to aircraft on the ground.
    • Return to your starting point on the airport.
    • Does NOT mean anything to aircraft in flight.

  7. Alternating red green lights shown to aircraft on ground or in flight.
    Exercise extreme caution.

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