The Origins of Judaism and Christianity, Roman, Hellenistic, and Greek cuture,

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  1. Where in the Med. was Palestine located?
    The eastern shores
  2. What was the promise land in which the Hebrews settled?
  3. Who did God chose to be the father of the Hebrews?
  4. Where did Abraham travel around 1800 BC?
    From Ur to Canaan.
  5. After moving to Canaan, where did Abraham's descendents move in 1650 BC?
  6. What did Abraham promise to Adonai in exchange for the covenant?
    Obedience to his will
  7. Why did the Hebrews move from Canaan to Egypt?
  8. Who was the brother who was friends with the Pharoah who allowed the Jews to come to Egypt?
  9. The Jews were originally considered royalty in Egypt, as time progressed, how did their status change?
    They became slaves.
  10. What was the phenomenal event that Moses performed when leading the Jews from Egypt, and what was the removal of the Jews called?
    Parting the red sea; the Exodus
  11. In what desert did the Jews wander for 40 years?
    Sinai desert
  12. When the Hebrews finally settled on a form of government, what was it?
    A monarchy
  13. Who were the kings of the kingdom of Israel?
    Saul and David
  14. How did David become king, and what was his son's name?
    He killed Goliath, and then became king. His son was Solomon.
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