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  1. What does Songahm mean?
    "Pine Tree Temple"

    Pine tree is known as evergreen. Evergreen has strength the year round and a long life. Evergreen also is a symbol of unchanging human loyalty.
  2. Give the order of the Songahm colored belt series
    • 9th grade white belt
    • 8th grade orange belt rec. (8R)
    • 8th grade orange belt dec. (8D)
    • 7th grade yellow belt rec. (7R)
    • 7th grade yellow belt dec. (7D)
    • 6th grade camouflage belt rec. (6R)
    • 6th grade camouflage belt dec. (6D)
    • 5th grade green belt rec. (5R)
    • 5th grade green belt dec. (5D)
    • 4th grade purple belt rec. (4R)
    • 4th grade purple belt dec. (4D)
    • 3rd grade blue belt rec. (3R)
    • 3rd grade blue belt dec. (3D)
    • 2nd grade brown belt rec. (2R)
    • 2nd grade brown belt dec. (2D)
    • 1st grade red belt rec. (1R)
    • 1st grade red belt dec. (1D)
  3. Who founded Songahm Taekwondo?
    Soon Ho Lee
  4. Who founded the ATA?
    Haeng Ung Lee
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