The Rise Of Sumer

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The Rise Of Sumer
2010-09-29 22:10:59
Social Studies

the 2 lesson, the rise of sumer
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  1. southern Mezopotamia:
    a City state is....
    • countryside areas-farmers
    • urban areas-center of society
  2. city states fought each other to...
    gain farmland, they had strong armies to defend
  3. name two cities:
    • ur
    • uruk
  4. In which year the akkadians attack the sumerians
    2300 BC
  5. Sargon conquered:
    Sumer and northern Mezopotamia
  6. when Sargon died...
    it was a century of ups and downs
  7. Ur rebuilt it's strenghts and conquered Mezopotamia
    • political stability
    • sumerians were the power of civilization
  8. religion:
    • basis for sumerian society, polytheism
    • * Priests had great status and made offerings to gods
  9. Social Herarchy
    • king
    • priests
    • crafts people, merchants and traders
    • worcking class
    • slaves
  10. Enheduanna
    priestess, first female writer
  11. Sumer
    how the sumerians called Mezopotamia
  12. city state
    consisted of a central city and all the country side around it
  13. empire
    land with different territories and people under a single rule
  14. polytheism
    the worship of many gods
  15. priests
    people who performed or led religious ceremonies
  16. social hierarchy
    the division of society by rank or class