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  1. what is the loading dose in pediatrics for procainamide
    15 mg/kg IV/IO over 30-60 min
  2. what is the maintnence infusion of procainamide in adult?
    1-4mg/min (dilute in D5W or NS)
  3. dosage of procainamide in adult for other indications
    • 20mg/min IV infusion until any one of the following occurs:
    • arrhythmia suppresion
    • hypotension
    • QRS widens by greater than 50% of its pretreatment width
    • total dose of 17mg/kg has been met
  4. dosage of procainamide for urgent situations in adult
    up to 50mg/min (max of 17mg/kg)
  5. dosage of procainamide in adult for recurrent v-fib/ pulseless v-tach
    20 mg/min iv infusion (max. 17mg/kg)
  6. how is procainamide supplied
    • 1. 1g in 10ml vials(100mg/ml)
    • 2. 1g in 2ml vials (500mg/ml) for infusion
  7. side effects of procainamide
    • 1. widening of PR, QRS, QT intervals
    • 2. AV heart block
    • 3. hypotension
    • 4. reflex tachycardia
    • 5. bradycardia
  8. major contraindications of procainamide?
    • 1. torsade de pointes
    • 2. 2nd or 3rd degree block (without pacemaker)
    • 3. digitalis toxicity
    • 4. tricyclic antidepresent overdose
  9. indications for use of procainamide?
    • 1. stable monomorphic v-tach with normal QT interval
    • 2. reentry SVT uncontrolled by vagal maneuvers & adenosine
    • 3. stable wide complex tachcardia of unknown origin
    • 4. atrial fibrilation with rapid ventricular rate in patients with wolff-parkinson white syndrome
  10. what type of drug is procainamide?
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