Mounce Ch 9. Rules

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  1. Article - Adj - Noun
    First Attributive

    i.e. The Good Man
  2. Article - Noun - Article - Adj.
    Second Attributive

    i.e. The Good Man
  3. Adj. - Article - Noun
    First Predicate

    i.e. The man is good
  4. Article - Noun - Adj.

    i.e. The man is good.
  5. What is Articular
    Having the article in front
  6. What is Anarthrous
    NOT having the article in front
  7. What is Attributive
    ascribing an attribute directly to a noun

    i.e. (She learned modern Greek)
  8. What is Predicative
    Predicating something about a substantive using a copulative verb

    i.e. (The Students are good.)
  9. What is Substantive
    functioning in the place of a substantive by attaching an article in front without modifying another substantive

    i.e. [The good (person) is...]
  10. What is an example of a Attributive
    The good man
  11. What is an example of a Predicative
    The man is good.
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