Church History I - 9/29/2010

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  1. Who argued that the clergy that handed over the Scriptures be burned?
  2. Not true of Constantine
    Forced Pagans to accept Christianity
  3. He was responsible for the final victory and establishment of the Christian church
    Theodosius I

    (Theodosius the 1st)
  4. Not true according to Nestorius
    He said that Mary was the Mother of God -NOT TRUE

    (Nestorius asserted that the human Jesus died on the cross, not the divine Jesus. As such, Mary is not "Mother of God," but simply "Mother of Christ"--the human Jesus.)
  5. True according to Baiton
    Christian Division facilitated Muslim conquest / conversions
  6. Who said “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God”
    Thomas Jefferson
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