Piggy Bank

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  1. Budget
    A plan for managing income, saving, and spending.
  2. Plan
    A process developed in advance of doing somehting to achieve a goal.
  3. Goals
    Something a person plans to achieve in the future.
  4. Costs
    Things that are unfavorable to the decision-maker.
  5. Benefits
    Things that are favorable to the decision-maker.
  6. Choices
    Decisions made or a course of action taken.
  7. Opporotunity Cost
    The highest-valued choice that is given up when a decision is made.
  8. Saving
    Putting aside income or gift money for future use.
  9. Income
    Earnings received for work.
  10. Services
    Activities that can satisfy people's wants.
  11. Goods
    Objects that can satisfy people's wants.
  12. Wants
    Desires or wishes that can be satisfied by consuming goods or services.

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