Art Test 1

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  1. What is art?
    The expression of creative skill and imagination
  2. What is Iconography?
    Is the symbol meaning of signs, subjects, and images.
  3. Principles of design?
    • •Unity and variety
    • •Balanced
    • •Emphasis and subordination
    • •Directional forces
    • •Contracts
    • •Repetition and rhythm
    • •Scale and proportion
  4. What is scale?
    Is the size relation of one thing to another.
  5. What is proportion?
    Is the size relationship of parts to a whole.
  6. What is Unity?
    Is the appearance or condition of oneness.
  7. What is Variety?
    Provides diversity – acts to counter unity.
  8. What is balanced?
    Is the achievement of equilibrium, in which acting influences are held in check by opposing forces.
  9. Symmetrical Balance:
    is the exact matching of left and right sides of a three-dimensional form
  10. Asymmetrical Balanced:
    the left and the right sides are not the same.
  11. Emphasis:
    is use to draw our attention to an area or areas.
  12. Focal Point:
    area is a specific spot or figure.
  13. Directional Forces:
    are “paths” for the eye to follow provided by actual or implied lines.
  14. Contrast:
    is the juxtaposition of strongly dissimilar elements.
  15. Repetition and Rhythm:
    • Repetition gives a composition unity, continuity, flow, and emphasis.
    • Rhythm is created through the regular recurrence of elements with related variations.
  16. Representational art:
    imply means that we viewers are able to recognize an object within the piece of art.
  17. Nonrepresentational art:
    presents visual form with no specific references.
  18. Form:
    is what we see.
  19. Content:
    is the meaning we get from what we see.
  20. Visual Elements:
    • • Line
    • • Shape
    • • Mass
    • • Space
    • • Time and Motion
    • • Light
    • • Color
    • • Texture
  21. 3 dimensions of colors or Pigment primaries:
    Yellow, Blue, Red.
  22. What is value:
    refers to relative lightness and darkness of surfaces.
  23. What is imagination:
    mental images and ideas.
  24. What is creation:
    the act of create of something.
  25. Linear Perspective:
    refers to point of view. Or means of representing three-dimensional objects.
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