Bill of Rights

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  1. 1st Amendment
    Freedom of speech, press, religion, peacably assemble, petition
  2. 2nd Amendment
    Rights to keep/bear arms
  3. 3rd Amendment
    No quartering of soldiers
  4. 4th Amendment
    No unreasonable searches/seizures
  5. 5th Amendment
    Provisions concerning prosecution (grand jury indictment)
  6. 6th Amendment
    Right to speedy trial, witnessees
  7. 7th Amendment
    Right to a trial by jury
  8. 8th Amendment
    • No excessive bail
    • No cruel punishments
  9. 9th Amendment
    • Unlisted rights cannot necessarily be denied
    • rule of construction of Constitution
  10. 10th Amendment
    • Right of the states under const.
    • (powers not listed delegated to states)
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Bill of Rights
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