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  1. -> Cardiogenic plates
    Splanchnic Mesoderm
  2. What happens during head and lateral folding?
    Cardiac Tubes fuse and move ventral to foregut
  3. Mesoderm Caudal to cardia tube:
    septum transversus
  4. -> Diaphram
    Septum Transversus
  5. What attaches to the heart to the pericardial cavity?
    Dorsal Mesocardium
  6. What connects both sides of the pericardial cavity?
    Transverse Pericardial Sinus
  7. Expansions within the Cardiac Tube ->
    • Bulbus
    • Ventricle
    • Atrium
  8. What forms within the cranial and caudal cardiac tube (4th and 5th chambers)?
    • Cranial: Truncus Arteriosus
    • Caudal: Sinus Horn
  9. Cardiac Tube ->
    • Endocardium
    • Mycardium
    • Epicrdium
  10. What happens before and after the cardiac tube to form a U-Shape?
    • The Cardiac Tube spirals
    • Bulbus and Ventricle = U-shape
    • -> bulboventricular loop
  11. Two endocardial cushions form at the ____, and are called:
    • ...form at the common Atrioventricular Canal and are called:
    • Dorsal and Vental Atrioventricular Cushions
  12. ->Septum Intermedium
    Fusion of Atrioventricular Cushions
  13. The Septum Intermedium creates...
    L & R atrioventricular Orifaces
  14. Steps in Septation of Atrium
    • Septum Primum -> ventral
    • Attaches to Septum Intermedium
    • Foramen Primum Closed
  15. Diminishing gap btw. the Septum Primum & Suptum Intermedium
    Foramen Primum
  16. Foramen Secundum originates as
    Perforations in the Septum Primum
  17. Foramen Ovale forms in the
    Septum Secundum
  18. Foramen allows blood to flow through the
    • R Atrium->
    • (Fermen Secundom ->)
    • L Atrium
  19. (2) -> Right Atrium
    • Primitive Atrium
    • Sinus Horns
  20. Right horn of sinus venosus ->
    Sinus Venerum
  21. Embryonic R Atrium is characterized by...
    pectinate muscles in the Right Auricle
  22. What connects to lung buds
    a single venous vessel grows from the L Atrium
  23. What forms the smooth walled part of the L Atrium
    incorperation of pulmonary vessels and it's branches into the L Atrium
  24. The Spiral Septum divides the ___ & ___ to form ___ & ___
    ...Truncus & Bulbus to form Aortic and Pulmonary Trunk
  25. The Conus Arteriosus is located...
    Around the origin of he Pulmonary Artery in the Right Ventricle
  26. -> Conus Arteriosus
    Distal Part of the bulbus
  27. Septation of future ventricles (2):
    • Muscular Interventricular Septum
    • Interventricular Foramen
  28. Early Embryonic Circulation consists of:
    • Tubular Heart
    • Vitelline Arteries
    • Vitelline Veins
  29. Each Aortic Arch Recieves...
    • 1 Nerve
    • Artery
  30. Aortic Arches arise from the ____
    Aortic Sac
  31. Supra Cardinal Veins ->
    L and R Azygous
  32. Azygous Veins that persist in
    • Dog:R
    • Horse:R
    • Pig:L
    • Ruminant:Both
  33. Secondary Centers of ossification appear in
    Long Bones
  34. Chrondrodystophy-
    Abnormal interstitial growth that leads to premature cessation of growth -> shortening of bones (limbs, base of skull and vertebral column)
  35. Limb Field-
    Area of somatopleure committed to forming a limb
  36. Limb Bud
    Localized proliferation of mesoderm, cvered by ectoderm
  37. Chondrocranium develops from ___ ossification
  38. -> Chondrocranium
    • Occipial Somites
    • Neural Crest Cells
  39. Neurcranuim bones are derived from:
    • Neural Crest Cells
    • Occipital Somites (Chondrocranuim Only!)
  40. Chondrocranium bones include:
    • Sphenoid
    • Ethmoid
    • Temporal
  41. Viscerocranium consists of ___ & ___
    Face and Jaw

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