HEED 220 Section 3

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  1. What are the 6 steps of any fitness appraisal
    • 1. Screening
    • 2. Interview Process
    • 3. Testing
    • 4. Summary of Results
    • 5. Program Implementation
    • 6. Follow UP
  2. What Preliminary Client instructions for Screening should be given 48hrs before the meeting (4)
    • 1. Dress Requirements - proper foot wear and comfortable exercise clothing
    • 2. Food and Beverages - no food including caffeine (2hrs before) and no alcohol (6 hrs before)
    • 3. No smoking (2hrs before)
    • 4. Exercise - no exercise fore 6 hrs before (avg sedentary population), No strenuous exercise for 24hour period (athletic population)

    - specific to programer institution or team
  3. What is a PAR-Q
    - Why was it designed
    - Who is it designed for
    - How does it work
    - What are the limitations to the PARQ, what should be considered still
    • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
    • - designed to identify individuals for who PA or certain PA are inappropriate
    • - for age 25- 69 yoa for both genders
    • - If a client answers yes to any questions they must fill our a PARmed x and be refereed to a physician
    • - Does not diagnose Yes responses and when people answer No, you cannot fully trust the PARQ
    • using the PARQ in conjunction to and interview, activity history should be considered (flags for PA readiness)
  4. Consent Forms
    - Who are they for
    - What is include in these forms
    - What does it not include
    - What does it provide (4)
    • - <18yoa (parental/guardian signature needed)
    • - includes description of all assessments
    • - Not a waiver or legally binding document
    • - Provides - risks, procedures, transient changes associate with PA, ParQ completion with honesty

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HEED 220 Section 3
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