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  1. Controlled Substance Homicide
    • Person provides a Controlled Substance to someone who uses the product
    • AND Who later dies (Homicide).
    • Class B Felony
    • 69.50.415
  2. Homicide by Abuse
    • With Extreme Indifference to Human Life
    • AND With a Pattern (2x or more) of Assault or Torture against the victim
    • CAUSE Death of Child (under 16 yo) OR Developmentally Disabled OR Dependent Adult.
    • Class A Felony
    • 9A.32.055
  3. Manslaughter 1st
    • Recklessly (Fuck-it) CAUSES Death of Another OR KILLS Unborn Child by Harming the Pregnant Mother
    • Class A Felony
    • 9A.32.060
  4. Manslaughter 2nd
    • Person with Criminal Negligence
    • CAUSES the Death of Another Person
    • Class B Felony
    • 9A.32.070
  5. Murder 1st
    • Kill Someone:
    • Premeditated (some sort of planning occurred)
    • OR Extreme Indifference - engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death
    • OR While Attempting a BARRK Felony: Burglary 1st, Arson 1st & 2nd, Rape 1st & 2nd, Robbery 1st & 2nd, AND Kidnapping 1st & 2nd
    • Class A Felony
    • 9A.32.030
  6. Murder 2nd
    • Kill Someone:
    • 1. Intentionally(without premeditation)
    • 2. Causes a death while attempting a Non-BARRK Felony
    • Class A Felony
    • 9A.32.050
  7. Vehicular Homicide
    • Death Resulting (within three years) from any Vehicular Accident
    • Class A Felony
    • 46.61.520
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