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  1. May I go to the restroom?
    Puedo ir al bano?
  2. I am thirsty. May I get a drink of water please?
    Tengo sed. Puedo beber agua por favor?
  3. May I use the sharpener?
    Puedo usar el sacapuntas?
  4. Do you guys understand the homework?
    Entende'is la tarea?
  5. May I erase the board?
    Puedo borrar la pizarra?
  6. What does ____ mean in Spanish?
    Que' significa ____ en espanol?
  7. Who has the red marker?
    Quie'n tiene el rotulador rojo?
  8. Will you let me use it?
    Me lo dejas?
  9. Will you pass me...?
    Me passas...?
  10. Will you let me borrow a ...?
    Me prestas un/una...?
  11. How much time do we have?
    Cua'nto Tiempo tenemos?

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Spanish classroom phrases

Spanish classroom phrases
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