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  1. How much does Roadside Assistance cost?
    A. Free
    B. $1.99 / Mth
    C. $2.99 / Mth
    D. $4.99 / Mth
    E. More Than AAA
    $2.99 / Mth
  2. During an emergency, how do you use Roadside Assistance?
    A. Dial 877-263-2600
    B. #TOW
    C. #GAS
    D. #HELP
    E. #HELP and Dial 877-263-2600
    #HELP and Dial 877-263-2600
  3. How many claims per year are allowed?
    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4
    E. As many as you need
  4. True or False
    If you have a flat tire, they will give you a new tire?
    False : They will help install your spare tire.
  5. Which statement isn't true?
    A. Available 24hrs/Day 365days/Yr.
    B. 1st 30 days free.
    C. Motorcycles are covered.
    D. Anyone possessing the phone is covered.
    E. Coverage includes Canada
    Motorcycles are covered.
  6. Which feature is not included in coverage?
    A. Up to 3 gallons of fuel
    B. Lock Out Service
    C. Dead Battery
    D. Towing
    E. Directions
    Directions...see AT&T Navigator
  7. What is the limit to the coverage per service event?
    A. No limit.
    B. $25
    C. $50
    D. $75
    E. Depends on event.
  8. Who is eligible to make roadside claim?
    A. Any AT&T Customer
    B. Account Holder & Authorized Users
    C. Authorized Users
    D. Account Holder Only
    E. Anyone Using Phone w/Feature
    E. Anyone using the phone with the feature on it.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  9. What additional benefits do users gain with Roadside Assistance?
    A. Gas Discounts
    B. Extended Warranties on Car
    C. Hertz Rental Discounts
    D. Answers C & D
    E. 1st Month Free*
    D. Answers C & D. Note - iPhone not included.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  10. Why should you offer Roadside Assistance to every customer?
    A. Customer's Safety
    B. Increased Feature Revenue
    C. Cost Savings vs. AAA
    D. All Of The Above
    D. All Of The Above
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