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  1. Who founded
  2. Who was responsible for separating the practices of pharmacy and medicine?
    John Morgan (1765)
  3. Why are pharm care practitioners needed?
    • Multiple perscribers
    • Large amt. of medication information
    • Increased drug regiment complexity
    • Increase in self-care
    • Frequency of drug-related morbidity and mortality
  4. What is an example of an act of omission?
    Absence of individual/profession to assume responsibility fo rpatient medication outcomes.
  5. What is an exampl eo fa idiosyncratic cause?
    Unpredictable medication consequences
  6. What is an example of an act of commission?
    prescribing, dispensing, and medication administration errors.
  7. What are the three causes of suboptimal care?
    • 1. Acts of commission
    • 2. Idiosyncratic causes
    • 3. Acts of omission
  8. What is the definition of pharmaceutical care?
    • Hepler and Strand:
    • "The responsible provision of drug therapy for th epurpose of achieving definite outcomes that improve a patient's quality of life."
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